MMA Legend Pens Open Letter To Embattled Jon Jones

Jon Jones

Jones Goodbye

Mixed martial arts legend Ken Shamrock is the latest to weigh in on the Jon Jones hit-and-run incident. Once Shamrock caught wind of what was happening to Jones, he saw it as an opportunity to try and talk some sense into Jones by relating with him at moments. Shamrock meant well through this open letter he posted on his website:

Hi Jon:

Few others can understand the enticement of the lust of life when the world says “yes” to your every desire. At these times, anything you want is at your fingertips: free meals, expensive gifts, amazing opportunities, big sponsorships, money, girls, and just about every desire being met on demand.

One day, everything changes. Speaking from experience, the decisions we make eventually catches up to us. These consequences, from the seeds that we have sown, are very real and seldom easy to deal with. Fame is often a road paved with heartbreak. It’s a black hole that has the ability to engulf a distracted soul.

Unfortunately, you must sleep in the bed that you made. You did this to yourself, and you have issues that need to be dealt with. It’s important that you understand that all your troubles today are a bi-product of your actions. Once you truly understand this, then you can begin to heal what has been broken and move forward once again.

Shamrock went on to explain how he was his own biggest obstacle in life as well. Shamrock concluded by saying “This is not the end, but your beginning. Fight the fight.”

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