Mitrione Is Pretty Much A Bad Ass, And He Knows It


UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione aka Meathead is set to do battle against Ben Rothwell this weekend and going into the fight he’s beaming with confidence.

Mitrione stopped by The MMA Hour this week and talked about where he’s at in his career, and why he feels like right now he’s one of the best fighters in the world.

“I feel like there is not many people in the world that can beat me. On any given day I feel like I can beat anybody in the world. With my training partners, with coach Henry, coach Greg Jones down in Florida; and honesty with Glenn Robinson who allows me to go down there and train and work with the Blackzilians and get better. Coach Neil Melanson came down and worked with me, Struve, Anthony Johnson, Rashad, Rico Verhoeven; all these dudes. I’ve just been fortunate with all these people that we’ve all worked hard and got better.”

“I feel like I’m really damn good right now. I feel like I’ve been really good for the last little bit, and I feel like I’m only getting better. Like this camp, all my training partners, my coaches, even Chris — my mentor — but is extremely honest with me. They’re like, ‘Look dude, you look better than you’ve ever looked before.’ Takedown defense, striking, creativity wise, grappling, transitions, everything. I feel like I’m better than I’ve ever been. I’m not brand new, I’m not new and improved, I’ve just gotten better overall, every single tim.”

Could you see the TUF alum making a run at the title?

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