Miocic: Hunt Actually Told the Referee He Was ‘Fine’

stipe vs. hunt

We learned a lot from the main-event of “UFC Fight Night 65”. Stipe Miocic proved to the rest of the heavyweight division that not only did he have what it takes to go five rounds with a former champion, but he was able to finish Mark Hunt. Mark Hunt also proved that while he may not have the best takedown defense, he has the biggest heart in the company.

Miocic shared a moment of the fight with Submission Radio when Mark Hunt told the referee that he was fine, despite taking several shots to the face. Miocic said, “Mark’s like one of the most durable guys, he’s got a great chin, you know and that’s what the ref probably thought too, and I remember one time he did say ‘I’m fine.’ He said literally ‘I was fine’ in the middle of the fight.”

Miocic jumped over Hunt in the rankings and Hunt promised a return to the octagon. Whoever fights Hunt next better watch out for that big right hand because he will be looking to make up some lost ground!

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