Miletich: Jon Jones Has Too Many “Yes Men”

Jon Jones

“I was very surprised that he tested positive for cocaine. I mean cocaine is such a destructive drug and such a nasty addiction that people can get into. I’ve not seen it amongst a lot of athletes and certainly not guys that are good at MMA. It’s such a bad drug that I’m shocked that someone who’s that good of an athlete and is able to perform at that level is doing it.”

“Who are Jon Jones’ handlers that are allowing him to hang with out with people that are giving him cocaine at, whether it’s parties or wherever the hell he’s at in the first place? So that’s another thing, that people who are around him that realize that there’s a problem need to say “listen, you need to maybe look at getting different representation, hanging out with a different group of people” and that’s something that has to come about.”

“You never want to be surrounded by a bunch of yes men; and I think I was lucky in that aspect where the friends that I had, that I hung out with, if I did anything that was going to be a mistake and detrimental to my life, they’d had no problem calling me out on it. And you know that’s a true friend. Someone that will get in your face and say “listen, you may be the world champ, but you’re screwing up your life right now. And you need to wake up” and that’s important.

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