Miesha Tate ‘Really Thankful For Rousey Rivalry

“Ronda said some things that really got under my skin. She plays the mental warfare game. I didn’t want to fight her because I love fighting; I wanted to fight her because I wanted to beat her up. The biggest thing for me is just remembering to be myself, be on an even keel, and not allow anyone, particularly Ronda, to make me emotional. Really, that’s been the biggest change. I’m really thankful that Ronda has been a part of my life and career. Is she my favorite person on a personal level? No. Do I appreciate the fact that I’m a better person because she’s been a part of my life? Absolutely. Do I think I’m a better fighter for having her in my life? Without a doubt. Most of the credit of where women’s MMA is at this point has to go to (Rousey). But I do want to change that. I would like to be more of a part of it. I would also like to do that with a smile on my face. She can choose to handle my actions however she wants. But I’m doing what I do, and I’m not going to let Ronda dictate that.”

During this week’s media festivities UFC bantamweight title challenger, Miesha Tate, told MMAJunkie that she is grateful for her rivalry with Ronda Rousey.

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