Michael Bisping Refutes Rumors That He Was KO’d While Sparring

UFC middleweight Michael Bisping (24-5) is always good for an amusing sound bite. As is the case with his recent denial that he was knocked out in sparring by a ‘professional boxer’. Bisping made a video to refute the rumors and also expose MMA news site MiddleEasy for publishing a rumor that Bisping assures, is false.

The rumor stemmed from a ‘reliable source’ to MMA news outlet, MiddleEasy.com on their Sunday Morning Rumor Mill . 

As the rumor goes, Bisping visited the Wild Card Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California. During a sparring session, Bisping was reportedly disrespecting his current sparring partner when a coach sent in someone with a higher skill set who knocked Bisping out upon the renewed session.

Bisping took to his Instagram to dispel the rumors while citing MiddleEasy having reported false information. Bisping looked his usual self had seemingly took offense.

While Bisping released the video personally, his manager, Audie Attar took to the radio with another MMA news outlet to explain that not only had this event never happened, but Bisping hadn’t even visited the gym since last year:

“He’s been to Wild Card one time, and that was more than a year ago. So it was really disturbing. We’re seeing another tweet, and they’re saying everything they post is the truth, so now we need to kind of step it and go to the next level. … When you print false words about someone and the person tells you it’s not true, you need to either prove it’s not true or deal with the consequences.”

Attar also stated in, British fashion, how ridiculous the rumor was:

“It’s rubbish. It’s rubbish. And it’s really something that pissed Mike off. It really did because, hey, he’s gotten knocked in a fight, but in sparring, he’s never been knocked out.”

While maintaining that their report was in fact a rumor, regardless of its reliability, MiddleEasy published a statement backing up their source’s integrity:

We know the source of our rumor is a strong one, and we just can’t imagine a scenario in which this person would fabricate anything.”

Michael Bisping is expected to face Mark Munoz (13-3) on the UFC’s trip to the United Kingdom on October 26th in a bout that could carry title implications.


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