McGregor vs. Aldo Title Fight Pushed Back?


“It’s not 100-percent yet. There was talk of a May date. It may now actually be later in the year. I get a lot of tweets and messages, people wanting to book their flights. I would just say hold on, hold on until the UFC officially announces. But it does look like it’ll be later in the year.”

“The problem with that is you have a curfew. 11 p.m. it has to all shut down. Whereas, they did a big event in Stockholm last weekend. But they didn’t start until 2 or 3 a.m. Stockholm time, pay-per-view time in the States. They have a massive drop in revenue and also the cost of setting up Croke Park with all the major screens.

“We’re hoping to go over there and win the belt, and then twist their arm a little bit more and get the first defense in Dublin.”

In a new interview with Newstalk Breakfast, Conor McGregor’s head coach revealed the potential postponement of the highly anticipated McGregor vs. Aldo title fight.

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