Metamoris To Be Added To UFC Fight Pass?

UFC President Dana White spoke to while on his tour of Europe promoting UFC Macau in August about the possibility of Metamoris being added to UFC Fight Pass.

“Absolutely, Metamoris is something we’d look at for Fight Pass,” Dana White exclaimed as he spoke to MMA-in-Asia, “I think people are going to be absolutely surprised at what are going to pop up at Fight Pass.”

“It started out as a way to give the library to all our fans so they’ll have full access, but now it keeps evolving and it keeps getting better and better.”

Metamoris has gained more and more media attention as of late after hosting the rematch between Eddie Bravo and Royler Gracie, and now bringing in Chael Sonnen for the main event in their upcoming show.

Dana White gave his thoughts on Chael Sonnen making the jump to competitive Jiu-Jitsu saying:

“Chael retired. He’s doing his thing on Fox, and what he wants to do on his spare time is up to him.”

Ralek Gracie on the other hand spoke to MMA Fighting about the potential of Metamoris being added to UFC Fight Pass saying Metamoris is “open to just about anything.”

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