Metamoris 5 Results: MacDonald and Torres Go Full 20 Minutes

Rory MacDonald WINS

Social media and mixed martial arts fans around the world blew up when it was announced that UFC star Rory MacDonald would be featured on tonight’s Metamoris card. His opponent, Jonathan Torres, is known for his accomplishments as a gi-grappler. However, he recently has been on a tear in no-gi competition most recently winning the World BJJ Nogi Championship in 2013. Tonight’s bout was a no-gi match.

Torres dragged an arm into a takedown less than two minutes into the fight to gain some momentum. Known for his transitions, Torres swiftly transitioned from MacDonald’s open guard to side control with a simple hop. From there, Torres utilized weight positioning to set up a kimura but MacDonald exploded out of it. MacDonald would only escape danger for a short amount of time as Torres was able to transition to side control again seconds later.

MacDonald was now privy to Torres’ gameplan and he made it back to his feet where he seemed more comfortable. MacDonald showed that he had a few tricks under his sleeve as he dove for a leg in a seated position, but Torres was quick to defend and backed away.

MacDonald would find himself in danger of getting submitted again with three minutes reamining in the match. Torres had MacDonald trapped in what seemed like a crucifix hold and started to crank on a kimura. MacDonald was in danger of not only being submitted, but also suffering an injured shoulder! Again, MacDonald would keep his composure and escaped after about ten seconds.

Time expired with MacDonald postured over Torres and there was a great show of sportsmanship after they were separated by the referee.

Rory MacDonald and Jonathan Torres grappled to a Draw (20:00)

By Jon Kirschner | Twitter: MMAJonny

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