Mendes: ‘I think I would kill McGregor’

MMA: UFC 164-Mendes vs Guida

“The guy’s got a huge hype train, he’s got a lot of publicity behind him. But honestly, if the UFC is smart, if Dana is smart, they will not put him in with a guy like me. There are multiple guys who will beat this guy in the division. I think I would kill him. Dennis Bermudez, Clay Guida, Nik Lentz, all these guys that are strong, solid wrestlers that can take a punch and keep coming and just have great gas tanks will destroy him.”

“I think the UFC needs to keep building him up. This guy’s obviously bringing a lot of attention to the division, a lot of attention to the sport, he’s a superstar now. I would love to get in there and dismantle the guy, which I would truly love to do, but I think if the UFC’s smart, they wouldn’t allow that,” Mendes said. “I don’t know; we’re going to see what happens in the future. Right now, I’m super-focused on Jose, but maybe down the road when I get that belt. I would love to dismantle the dude.”

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, Chad Mendes discussed the rising star of Conor McGregor.

Chad fights Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight world title On October 25.