Melendez: ‘Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva Is A Win Win’

“There’s not too many times in the sport where everyone is a winner, and the fans, by far, are the winners. Nick’s a winner in this situation. I think this is a great fight for him to come back to and a fight that he’s wanted. He’s fighting one of the greatest of all time, or the greatest of all time at an upper weight.

“Anderson is coming back. He’s fighting a guy who is probably not a kicker, which is probably a good thing. And I’m pretty sure Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) are happy with this situation. They got Nick Diaz back in the cage, and he’s not fighting for a title. It’s a huge fight. Obviously it’s going to make a lot of money. I think it’s great for the sport. I think everyone’s a winner in this situation.”

“They’re going to put butts in the seats, and everyone is going to watch it.”

In a recent statement to, TUF 20 coach Gilbert Melendez discussed the upcoming bout between Nick Diaz and Anderson Silva.

Diaz and Silva are set to fight on January 31, 2015.


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