Melendez: ‘Nate Is Such A Cholo, Would Have Fought Pettis At Anytime During TUF’

“I hope people aren’t too disappointed, but there’s not much interaction between us. We’re kind of guys who don’t talk too much s–t and like to fight more. I don’t really want to build a relationship with him. I think he feels the same.

“We’ve had a little bit of words, but other than that, we just keep it separate. Because we ain’t friends. I don’t want to like him, and he doesn’t want to like me, and we’re going to want to beat each other up. Ain’t no joke about that. I just don’t high-five and hug people like other people.”

“I think we’re the best salesmen in (focusing on the fight). We’re both fighters, and the fight itself will sell. But a relationship isn’t going to work out.”

“He’s (Nate Diaz is) such a cholo, bro. He don’t smile one bit; he don’t say hi to nobody. I like having him around; he has a great intimidation factor. He’s all business. He’s always ready to go.

“Most people just give him his space. They don’t want to call his bluff. (He would say about fighting Pettis), ‘Whenever you want, Gil, you let me know.’ I’m like, ‘Nah, Nate, it’s cool.’”

In a recent interview with, Gilbert “El Nino’ Melendez discussed his role on the TUF 20 set as a coach for the UFC’s first-ever all-female season of The Ultimate Fighter.


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