Melendez: ‘If You’re down on the scorecards you gotta go for it!’

Have you ever watched a fight and wondered why a fighter who is clearly down on the scorecards isn’t doing much to push or go for a finish? Well in a recent interview with BJPENN.COM’s Layzie The Savage, UFC lightweight Gilbert Melendez gives his thoughts on the matter and says it’s unfortunately just how some fighter think.

On whether it’s more important to get the win or put on a show, Melendez, who faces former Bellator champion Eddie Alvarez in Mexico City, says of course it’s important to win, but doesn’t understand why more fighters aren’t doing all the can to accomplish that.

“I think it’s important to get the win. It’s important to get the win but I think there is a time also that time in a fight when you know you’re the loser. You know you’re losing and it’s up to you to turn it around and win.”

“I think a lot of these fighters just keep it close and hope they’re winning. But the reality is some of these fighter know they’re down and behind on the cards and they just sit back. That’s just not me, it’s not my style. I think if a lot of fighters just didn’t sit back when they know they’re behind on the scorecards and they took some gambles, knowing they may get knocked out in the process, you’d get a lot better fights.”

What do you guys think, would you like to see more fighters taking risks in the octagon, especially if they are clearly behind in the fight?

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