HAPPINESS! — ‘When My Mom’s In a Mansion And My Girl Has 7 Cars’


“If I lose I become the man that talked the talk but did not walk the walk. I go back to fighting in front of 100 people in GAA halls for €150. I’ve lost my mind doing this. Like Vincent van Gogh. He dedicated his life to his art and lost his mind in the process. That’s happened to me. But fuck it. When that gold belt is around my waist and when my mother has a big mansion, when my girlfriend has a different car for every day of the week, when my kids have everything they ever want…then it will pay. Then I’ll be happy I lost my mind. I’ll die a crazy old man!”

In part of his new six-part miniseries, “The Notorious One” Conor McGregor talks about his mentality as a fighter, and his definition of happiness.

(Transcription Props: The Irish Mirror)