McGregor To Angry Brazilian Crowd: ‘I’m going to kill your last champ, Jose Aldo’


Conor McGregor may not be fighting on the UFC 179 card tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean ‘Notorious’ has kept his name out of the headlines.

McGregor did a Q&A with a hostile Brazilian crowd AT THE UFC 179 weigh-ins, where ‘Notorious’ was met with chants of death threats. To which he responded:

“The next time Jose Aldo steps into the octagon, it will be against me. In the meantime, I took a fight against Dennis Siver to eliminate another contender. Simple as that.

“No Brazilian will have a world title after I am done.”

“Talk is cheap. He has not knocked out or submitted anybody in the last five years. How is he going to touch me. It is fact. I speak truth, not trash.”

However the most intense moment of the press conference came not when McGregor was being threatened by a stadium full of people screaming death threats in Portuguese, but rather when he shouted back at the fans in Portuguese “Jose Aldo, you will die”.

“Jose Aldo, u vai morrer!”

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