McGregor: ‘The Pressure’s On Aldo, He’s Going to Break’


The situation of the combatants walking into the main-event of UFC 189 is a rare occurrence; Both Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo are riding a wave of momentum that only points to victory. McGregor is a rising star who backs up all of his trash talk and has put on spectacular performances inside the octagon. Jose Aldo is the defending champion who has rarely shown signs of weakness throughout his seven title defenses.

McGregor believes he has the advantage, though, because Aldo has all the pressure on his shoulders.

“I am only on my way in, so I knew his mind was beat throughout that world tour,” McGregor told the media during an open workout. “I knew he would have flown straight back to Brazil and went heavy, heavy at it. Heavy rounds, heavy training. Having the whole of Brazil on his back. The pressure on him to beat this loud-mouth Irish kid. Heavy, heavy rounds. The body breaks.”

McGregor’s antics during the UFC 189 World Tour were priceless, to say the least. While fans accused the two of simply hyping up their fight, McGregor’s mind games were intentional and believed shenanigans like stealing the belt from the champion only made him train harder.

The mind games didn’t stop at the stealing of the title, however.

“The world tour was just a combination of me looking at him dead in the eye and telling him what was gonna happen to him… I knew he does not speak English, so I spoke in his native tongue in Rio de Janeiro and told him he will die. And then that was it.”

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Transcribed by Marc Raimondi of MMAFighting

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