McGregor Proclaims: ‘I’m The Ruler Of The Numbers’

Conor McGregor 145

Conor McGregor, ‘The Notorious’, Mystic Mac, these are all names associated with the UFC’s interim featherweight champ. And now, we can add ‘Ruler of The Numbers,’ to the list.

The Irishmen recently appeared on The MMA Hour and talked about his antics at the ‘GO BIG’ press conference, where he got into a feud with just about every other fighter there. Most of his arguments had to do with numbers and how he pulls in the most, and how fighting him can change your life, i.e. ‘red panty night.’

Well during his interview he didn’t change much of that and added a little more.

Check it out!

“I said the numbers rule, all the belts in the UFC mean nothing. Everyone was handed a belt, Jose was handed a belt, the belts mean nothing. Numbers rule in this game and I’m the ruler of the numbers.”

“My name brings numbers, the association with my name, whatever the results, there will be main event slots after that, that’s what my name brings. It puts you into the spotlight, it gives you that status. I’m well aware these are also cards that I should also be having my hand in the pie as well, I should be getting compensated for these cards as well, I feel. I just went out there and let the facts be known.”

He’ll fight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 194, on Dec. 12 in Las Vegas.

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