McGregor: ‘I’m the Best P4P in the UFC’


Conor McGregor is stepping into the octagon at UFC 189 against one of the most dominant fighters to ever step foot inside the cage in Jose Aldo. Aldo is the current and only UFC Featherweight Champion in the company’s history and he sits atop the official “pound for pound” rankings.

Conor McGregor doesn’t pay attention to the official rankings, however. In his own mind, McGregor knows he is the best fighter in the world.

McGregor took some time away from training to write an article for Independent which gave us an inside looks at the inner-workings of “The Notorious’s” mind. Check out the following excerpts from his article:

“I can do things that nobody has ever done before. I am different,” McGregor wrote. “I am pound for pound the best fighter on the planet. And I will prove it in two months’ time when I become champion of the world for the third time. This story is only just beginning. And it is going to run and run.

I hear people say I am over-confident, cocky, arrogant, all talk. They know nothing. I see a lot of fake humility in this business. They are the phonies. I make my money in a dangerous, brutal game. The object is to inflict damage, take the other guy out. Each fighter is carrying some serious weapons. You can’t face that down without feeling bullet-proof.

The people who act a certain way for the approval of people they do not even know. For the approval of society. They are the fakes. I say what I am here for. I say what I am going to do to get it. Then I go out and get it. I have done the work. I show up and I succeed.

The haters surface. I simply choose to leave the bitterness behind. As I said before I will wipe away the tears with my money.

They pay their hard-earned money in the hope to one day seeing me face down in a pool of my own blood. I remain victorious, cash their hard-earned money and wipe my ass with it. Thank you for the purchase. Maybe next time it might happen. But next time the price is doubled.

If your consciousness, your facial structure, your limbs are not on the line, nothing is on the line. I have it all on the line. On a global scale. Like no other Irish athlete before me. Excuse me for acting the way I act. Excuse me for occasionally rubbing it in. For being over the top. Cocky and arrogant. There is good reason.”

Do you think Conor McGregor will dethrone the champion? Will Jose Aldo retain the UFC Featherweight Championship? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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