McGregor: ‘I’m ready to go now, if sh** pops off… I’ll have Aldo making woman noises’


“They tried to get us to play a game, to play football together. The f*ck? I’m not playing football with him. I’m not here to play friends. I’m not here to play games with this fool. I’m here to kill him. I’m ready to fight tomorrow. If something kicks off, I’m ready to go. There’s no commission out here, so if shit pops off I’m ready. I know that much. People think it’s a joke and I’m playing the joker. We’ll see who’s the joke tomorrow.”

“He’s a fake, trying to sell things. I’m not trying to sell nothing. I’m trying to rob him. I’m gonna rob him of everything. This is not a sell. So, he pushes me, it’s on. We’ll go in there and see what happens. But I’m here ready to fight, make no mistake about it. I don’t want to play games. I’m here for business and that’s it.”

“They love me out here. I own this town. I own Rio. Where is Jose? He’s not even here. Rumor has it he fled the country. I love it here. It’s good to be here. I’ll definitely fight here. I love Brazil. And Brazil loves me. Make no mistake — Brazil loves me.”

“Facts are facts. Look at the facts. When I hit you, you fall. It’s that simple. It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter if you have your hand up and it goes through the guard. I hit and it breaks. And that’s it. I look forward to looking him dead in the eye and I swear I can’t wait to see his eyes turn to glass. He will quiver. He’ll make woman noises. That’s what he’ll do.”

During a recent media scrum in Rio, Conor McGregor discussed his pending title fight with  Jose Aldo.

The two meet at UFC 189 in July. Who you got?

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