McGregor Coach: ‘We won’t know if it’s Aldo Or Mendes Until July 10’


Jose Aldo is in and still set to go for UFC 189, maybe. The UFC released a statement saying that Aldo’s injury wasn’t as bad as reported and that he still plans to fight, but Chad Mendes has been contacted and is ready to go if Aldo is unable to.

With all the hysteria and guessing over, kind of, Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, has written a blog on The 42, detailing the past couple of days. In the post Kavanagh says that they still aren’t 100% sure who he will be fighting and won’t actually know until weigh-ins.

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission could stop this fight against Aldo on weigh-in day — the day before the fight. That’s when the pre-fight medicals are done. Aldo might still want it but the doctor can say no if he doesn’t believe he’s fit to compete. Then it’s basically out of the hands of Aldo, ourselves and the UFC. Enter Chad Mendes.

“Mendes has been asked to make weight and he’ll be there, so it could be him stepping on the scales instead of Aldo for all we know. That kind of thing happens often at small regional shows, but this is for a UFC belt. That’s no big deal for us, though. It’s kind of exciting, to be honest. Who’s going to be on the scales when we turn up to weigh in? We won’t know until the day itself.”


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