McGregor: ‘Aldo Is Intermediate At Best’

Conor McGregor


Since Conor McGregor defeated Dennis Siver last month to become the featherweight #1 contender, he has spoken frequently regarding his upcoming matchup against Jose Aldo that will go down at UFC 189 on July 11th.

Ahead of UFC 183 this past weekend, McGregor did a Q&A with fans to discuss his title fight, as well as why he feels Aldo is “intermediate at best”.

“I don’t feel his boxing is great. His shot selection is poor. I would classify him as an intermediate at best. I feel his kicking game is overrated really. He cannot kick high. I don’t feel there’s anything special about him. He’s just another body that moves the way they all move, that I will shut down.”

“I feel he cannot his finish his dinner, let alone finish an opponent. If it goes the five rounds, which I don’t think it will, I will be more than ready. It just takes one clean connection from me and it’s done. The facts speak for themselves. So that’s the way I feel it will happen. I will go out, I will throw my shots, I will break him down bit by bit and he will break.”

How do you see the bout playing out?