Mayweather: ‘I Knew Everything That Happened in Pacquiao’s Camp’

Mayweather Pac 1

Floyd Mayweather put on one of the most one-sided displays of boxing in recent memory when he stepped into the ring with Manny Pacquiao. While “Pac-Man” was able to put up a fight, it seemed like “Money” was always three steps ahead of him.

In a recent interview with NokorPHNOM of YouTube, Mayweather confesses that he knew everything that went on in Pacquiao’s fight-camp. “Everything that Manny Pacquiao did in his camp, every day, I knew. I knew when he boxed. I knew when he didn’t box. I know how many rounds he boxed. I know how he was looking. I know how many rounds he did on the heavy bag. I knew when his legs were cramping— I knew everything.”

Mayweather seemed to have an answer for everything that Pacquiao was throwing at him after the fourth round and it’s with good reason; He knew Pacquiao’s strategy down to a tee. “I know about the MMA guy he was boxing. I know about the other guy he made go home— I knew everything. Anybody that I face, I have to know everything about you. It’s the art of war. I always have to be three steps ahead of you.”

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