Maynard: ‘I’m still here, and I want a chance’

Gray Maynard

Maynard Gray
“There’s life after this, and I’ve always known that. I’m a realist that this isn’t forever. People aren’t going to be running up to me 20 years from now, asking for my autograph. That’s not going to be making me money. You’ve got the pro athletes who are aware of that — who know, ‘I have to take care of my body and brain because I have to produce after this.’ Then you’ve got the guys who say, ‘F— it.’ You never want to look back and say you left too early. And you never want to look back and say you left too late. I don’t want to be the person that stayed too late, but also, as an athlete, I feel like I’m still there. Let’s start putting it together. I’ve literally never given myself a chance. I want to give myself a chance.”

In a new interview with ESPN, Gray Maynard expressed his desire for competition. The former two-time title challenger has suffered three-straight losses in the cage.