Max Holloway On McGregor Rematch: ‘I Would Love That Fight, I Was Injured In The First One’

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Max Holloway is fresh off of an impressive win over Cub Swanson at UFC on FOX 15, but already has plans for who he would love to fight next.

Holloway stopped by The MMA Hour today and talked about a potential fight down the road, a rematch with Conor McGregor.

The Hawaiian fighter lost the first time around, but says he wants to get back in there with him. He also reveals that he was injured in that fight.

“I’ll fight whoever. [But] I’d love to get that McGregor fight. Everybody was like, ‘oh, McGregor beat you with an ACL,’ that he destroyed me this and that. I was like cool, you know, because not a lot of people knew I was injured [too]. I came out with it, people were like, ‘oh you know he’s making an excuse now, he comes out two years later’…and that’s because I didn’t want to cry about it. I’m not that person. But it just gets to a point where these guys keep saying, ‘you got annihilated, the guy had a blown ACL, blah blah,’ and it’s frustrating.”

“I got a high ankle sprain in the first 30 seconds of that fight. I kicked him in his knee and then I kicked him in his elbow right in the first 30 seconds, and I just could not move. I tell everyone, go watch any Max Holloway fight — when do I ever move straight back? Go tell me. Go point out any fight. If you watch my fights you know that wasn’t me.

“A lot of people were like, ‘that was the best you,’ this and that and the other stuff, but McGregor got hurt at the end of the second round. He got hurt on the ground. So I was thinking, that’s my point exactly. Those guys say he’s going to knock me out the next time — he had two rounds to knock me out before he got injured. So where was it? I don’t see it.”

By: Ryan C. Miller | @ryancmiller1630

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