Matt Serra: Patrick Cote Knows How To Party

“You want to know what’s really exciting? In Montreal, it’s called a Patrick Cote house party. Holy Shit! Does that f*cking French Canadian know how to party! I did a seminar over there, and he he had a party at his house. Damn, that guy knows how to party [laughs]. Listen to me, all I have to say is that at a certain point, I had to get the f*ck out of there [laughs].

What a party, and it was before Project X [laughs]. That movie, it’s got to be based on one of Cote’s parties. I texted him when I saw it coming out and said, ‘What is that Patrick? Is Project X about your life story?’ It was f*cking crazy! I won’t even mention the flame throwers. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I heard it was alright, though.”

Is former middleweight title challenger, Patrick Cote, the biggest partier in MMA?

According to Matt Serra’s account he very well may be.