Matt Riddle: ‘Dana is a very insecure, bald man who uses TRT’

“Honestly, he just can’t help himself. Unfortunately, we have a very insecure, bald man who uses TRT as the president of the UFC. When he sees a dude like me, who is 28 and all I do is rip tubes and kick ass, maybe some part of him doesn’t like me. I don’t know why, I’ve never been mean to him. But he felt the need to go on Fox Sports or whatever and bash me and talk garbage. I think that’s his way of defending himself because he knows he’s wrong, and I know I’m right.

Time will tell. I just saw a commercial the other day with a recall on all testosterone replacement therapies because they cause strokes, heart attacks and blood clots. They haven’t had to recall marijuana yet. No one has died from that yet. Everyone can keep doing their steroids and stuff and I’ll still be kicking when I’m old.”

Bellator’s resident Cannabis Advocate, Mathew Riddle, just blasted the UFC boss in a recent interview with’s Steph Daniels.

Is Dana on TRT or is his enlarging physique over the years just courtesy of good aging?

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