Matt Hughes & Matt Serra Agree To Fight?

Back in 2009 Matt Hughes and Matt Serra engaged in a ‘Fight of the Night’ earning battle.

The two former champions fought to a very close decision that swung the way of Hughes.

Now both retired, the two took to twitter recently and after a back-and-forth appear to have agreed to fight.

Will Dana and the UFC brass allow this rematch between two legends to go down? Who knows. I don’t even know if both men were serious, but they did discuss it and they left it with a ‘Call Dana’.

Here’s the twitter convo:

HUGHESvsSERRA2 ‏@AmberLMatthews

Friendly exhibition 3 rd match up during @ufcfanexpo July 2014 @matthughes9x vs @MattSerraUFC I dig this idea @danawhite whatcha think?!

Matt Serra ‏@MattSerraUFC
@AmberLMatthews @ @matthughes9x if I’m gonna go thru camp to compete vs Hughes I’d be interested in a mma fight, sorry I’d wanna hit him

Matt Hughes ‏@matthughes9x
@MattSerraUFC @AmberLMatthews you better want to loose some weight first.

Matt Serra ‏@MattSerraUFC
@matthughes9x @AmberLMatthews haha yeah bro I’d put down the pasta for a chance to smack u again. Prob need a 5 month camp but would love 2!

Matt Hughes ‏@matthughes9x 57m
@MattSerraUFC @AmberLMatthews talk to DW. If he says yes then I’m in.

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