Matt Hughes: ‘Lawler-Hendricks Trilogy Should Be Next’

Lawler Hendricks II

“How long ago was the MacDonald fight? Thirteen months ago? That’s not an old fight. Robbie won that pretty decisively, right?”

“You’ve got a guy that Robbie’s already beat pretty decisively, and now you’ve got a great rematch where the first fight was close, the second fight was maybe even closer, and now the makings for a third fight. If I were Hendricks, I would want a direct rematch. And I would say that they’re going for that, and I don’t blame them.

“Now you’ve got a storyline for a really big third fight, where with MacDonald you’ve got a guy that Robbie beat a year ago. What do you do? I think you’ve really got to go with the Hendricks fight, but it doesn’t matter to me.”

In a recent chat with ‘The MMA Hour’, former UFC welterweight champ, Matt Hughes said he thinks that Lawler vs. Hendricks III makes the most sense going forward.

Do you agree?

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