Matt Brown’s Strategy To Win, Is To Not Think About It

Matt Brown is coming up on the most important fight of his life this Saturday against Robbie Lawler, but he is also coming off of a string of 7 of the best performances of his life. The Immortal spoke with MMAJunkie to talk about why the best strategy for winning a fight, is to not think about winning.

It’s a really, really difficult thing,” Brown told MMAjunkie. “Because ultimately all those things you’re trying to do – focusing on the moment, not thinking about the outcome – are all for the purpose of winning. So for the purpose of winning, you’re trying not to think about winning.”

One thing Brown is never discredited of is mental toughness. In his last fight with Erick Silva, fans saw Brown dropped with body shots multiple times, however where other fighters have been unable to defend themselves and had the fight stopped, Brown pushed on. His mental toughness is what he believes gives him a superior advantage to fighters that may be technically more sound than himself.

“It can be everything,” Brown said. “If you’ve got two guys in there who are similar athletically, it’s going to come down to mental toughness. At this level, if you don’t have mental toughness, you’re going to have problems right away. I think mental toughness can overcome athleticism way more than athleticism can overcome mental toughness.”

“Sometimes I’ll get on the aerodyne (bike) and crank it out as hard as I can, just imagine the fight happening in front of me, and when I imagine him swinging a punch at me, I’ll just crank the aerodyne a little bit harder,” Brown said. “The mind is something you have to constantly work on, just like the body. You have to always be making it stronger. A lot of people think you’re either born tough, born with heart, or you’re not. I disagree. I think it can be taught and it can be learned to a certain extent. It’s not so much about whether you’re born with it as whether you want it.”

“I don’t like to say that I don’t care whether I win or lose, but I don’t think about it,” Brown said. “The outcome is secondary to what I’m actually trying to do. That’s a tough thing to learn.”

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