Matt Brown Silences Haters: “F*** You If You Don’t Like It”

UFC on Fox 12 headliner Matt Brown spoke with Fox Sports in a podcast he did where he spoke about some of the negativity and hate that has been directed towards him and how he overlooks it.

“I think I’ve learned over time like f–k it, I’m pretty f–king good at what I do. So f–k you if you don’t like it. I was even so humble looking at opponents and I think I’m looking at them a lot more objectively this way. I don’t want to say cocky or arrogant, that doesn’t describe it the right way. I feel good about where I am, I’m happy with who I am and I’m confident that whatever happens in a fight, I’m confident because I work my ass off everyday and when I wake up on Sunday, win or lose, I don’t give a f–k because I know I put everything I had into it.”

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