Masvidal Wants His “Marquee” Fight, Not Iaquinta


“[Benson Henderson’s] taking a couple steps up and I’m taking a few steps back. The kid’s (Al Iaquinta’s) talented and all, but I’ve got no business fighting this guy, you know? People are making a big deal because he beat Joe Lauzon. Welcome to the club, man. I kicked that dude’s ass eight years ago.”

“Everybody from Strikeforce coming over got a marquee matchup. Everybody from the bottom feeders to the decent guys to the A-level guys. And, maybe I wasn’t a champ – I fought for the title, wasn’t a champ – but I wasn’t a bottom feeder. I thought I should have gotten a marquee matchup long ago. I’m seven fights in now and I’m still fighting dudes who I don’t even know who the f-ck he is. I’ve never seen this dude fight in my life.”

“Maybe 15 fights (from a title shot), at this rate. It’s a blessing and a curse. I feel like I’ve gotta fight every dude that stepped foot on ‘The Ultimate Fighter.’ If you were in ‘The Ultimate Fighter’? I’ve gotta fight your ass. For some reason, that’s the title they’re giving me: ‘The Ultimate Fighter Destroyer.’ But f-ck it; it’s easy paychecks. I ain’t complaining because it’s keeping food on the table. But it’s just not the competition I’m looking for.”

In a recent interview with, Jorge Masvidal vented his frustrations on his unfortunate run of luck in the matchmaking department.

Masvidal has been a top 10 worthy lightweight for several years.