Manager’s Excuse For Palhares: ‘He Just Zones Out’



“There are no rules that tell you how far you take a (limb) back or forth. It’s a very subjective point. But I agree that if we’re looking at the safety of the fighters, and he’s done it time and again and we’ve tried to work with him, and try to make him not do it and he just keeps on doing it, I have to give my hands out to be slapped on that.

“But I have to point that he’s not the only one who does it, and people don’t get buzzed when a guy gets knocked out and he gets three or four more punches. I’m not saying he’s right on this, I’m just saying it’s a part of the sport.”

“What makes Rousimar’s submissions so unpalatable is not the time he holds on, but it’s how far he cranks it. If you look at Joe Lauzon, he’s holding onto the submission, waiting for the referee to stop it. Well, Rousimar just keeps on going regardless of what happens. He’s zoned out; he just seems to lose contact with reality.”

Rousimar Palhares’ manager, Alex Davis, talked to MMAJunkie about his fighter’s tendency to hold onto submission too long and said he believed he just zones out during the fight and isn’t even aware of what he’s doing.

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