Machida — Two Year Suspension Too Much For PED Failure

“I think if it’s for everyone, it’s going to be good,” he said. “If it’s fair for everyone, it’s going to be good for every fighter. Because now you have more control. You can train very calm. You are not thinking about anything. You’re not thinking about your opponent, because they’re going to test every one. That’s what they said. I think it’s going to be good for the sport, it’s good for everyone.”

“Of course, they have to have some punishment, because it’s a part of the game. But you have to think about what kind of punishment you have to do. Because some times they said two years. Two years is a long time for any fighter, you know?”

“You have to think about the time, because sometimes two years, they can finish their career.”

“I think two years is too strong … Because two years, sometimes they have to find another thing to do. That’s why I think you have to think about the punishment.”

“If they catch you for a second time, lifetime ban. I don’t know. That’s a hard question. I know some penalty is important. But I don’t know, I’m not a judge to say which one, what limits, what time.”

BJPENN.COM’s Layzie the Savage had a word with Lyoto Machida before he steps into the octagon tonight at ‘UFC on FOX 15’. Machida is set to square off with Luke Rockhold in just a couple hours—who do you have winning?

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