Luke Rockhold: ‘Weidman Kicks Like Michael Bisping’

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Upcoming UFC middleweight title challenger, Luke Rockhold, will take on the champ, Chris Weidman, at UFC 194, in Dec.

Before than, we can expect plenty of trash talk from both men. They started the back and forth a while ago, after Rockhold beat Machida and started calling for a title shot.

Since then it’s basically been a constant and steady stream of jabs coming from each side. Weidman did an interview and called Rockhold insecure. Of course, the AKA fighter had to respond with comments of his own.

During an interview with MMAFighting, Rockhold compared their fights with Machida and then said Weidman kicked like Michael Bisping.

Check it out!

“We fought (Lyoto) Machida in the relative same time. You saw how I dealt with Machida and how he struggled with him in five-round fight, and almost got beat multiple times. I don’t believe there was one moment where I struggled with Machida. If there’s a difference on the ground, if he thinks his grappling’s superior, look at that fight. He couldn’t hold Machida down and I completely dominated him on the ground. Stand-up realm, he’s tough on the feet — but he’s slow. He’s slow, he’s clumsy…he kicks like Michael Bisping, really the most awkward, funky kicks.”

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