Luke Rockhold Wants Black House MMA To Have More Drug Tests

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Luke Rockhold

“I’m not a fan of (cheating), and I definitely am pushing for more drug testing, more random blood testing and whatnot. Especially (within the) Black House camp. There’s been (three or fur [sic] guys from that camp who have been caught cheating) and (Lyoto) Machida is a Black House guy.”

“I think he’s a clean fighter, but I’m definitely pushing (for more testing). I want a clean sport, like baseball. We need to get on their level. Let’s start cleaning things up a little bit here.”

“I couldn’t live with myself, to tell you the truth. It would just never happen. I’m a true competitor. It’s funny. I got injured and I was out for about 19 months. I had a bad shoulder injury I kept re-injuring, and people started getting into my ear trying to tell me I could recover faster and get back in. I just kept blocking them off.

“Just random people stopping in and out of training camps and stuff like that. There’s always a couple bad seeds that pop in. But luckily, I have such a great training camp. We have the cleanest, strongest camp. We push out the bad seeds. We want to keep our camp clean.”

Luke Rockhold took to CBS Sports Radio with Gio and Jones, to discuss the UFC’s new drug testing policy and how he feels about his next opponent, Lyoto Machida.