Luke Rockhold: I’ll Finish Michael Bisping In One Round

Now that Michael Bisping has put Cung Le down, he can finally set his sights on Luke Rockhold.

Rockhold has made it a point to bring up Bisping’s name in a negative manner any chance he gets. If there is not a microphone and camera in front of him, Rockhold will utilize Twitter to call out “The Count”. Bisping has acknowledged Rockhold’s challenges and said he would like to face him in the octagon, but Rockhold did not stop there.

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Rockhold recently appeared on the MMAHour with Ariel Helwani and expressed his thoughts on Michael Bisping’s performance last Saturday against Cung Le. (The following was transcribed by Adam Guillen Jr. at MMAMania)

“I’d love to shut Bisping up. We’ve been going back-and-forth for so long, this is the one opportunity that I have to do that and I probably won’t have the opportunity to do it again, so let’s do it. Bisping finally had a win, so I think there is no better time than to step in and let me finish him.”

The former Strikeforce Champion continued to explain how he made a bet with Michael Bisping that if he could not finish him in one round, Rockhold would give Bisping his earnings for the night. “I made a bet, I’m not joking whatsoever, I’ll finish Bisping in one round. I told him that, and he wouldn’t take my bet. The bet was, if I finish him in one round, we switch purses. If I don’t finish him in one round, he gets my purse, show and win, everything. All he has to do I run around for one round. I put it in front of the man and he wouldn’t take it.”

Rockhold was ten first-round finishes to his name. Bisping, however, has never suffered a loss in the first round while in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Do you believe Bisping has what it takes to steal Rockhold’s check?

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