Ludwig Ready To Focus On Training Regular People Not Fighters

Last month we learned that, Duane Ludwig, Head Coach at Team Alpha Male, was moving on and packing up to Colorado.

It’s actually become a pretty sensitive subject with the T.A.M. boys. However, for Duane, a UFC veteran, he’s happy and more than ready to take a backseat and focus on teaching Martial Arts, not pro-fighters.

Check it:

“The main focus is just to teach martial arts and help people become better human beings all over, from every aspect in life. … That’s what happened with me through martial arts. Martial arts helped create who I am. I’m just all about that, getting back to the more traditional aspect and just being accountable and respectable and just doing the right thing and not really leaning toward the combative side anymore, like the fighter side. Although I love it and I think that’s what I’m best at — training and teaching combative athletes — if you’re not going to have a team, like a high-level team like Team Alpha Male, you’re not going to make money for sure having a professional team. You’ve got to have a high-level professional team. I’m not looking to do that. I’m just looking to have a regular student base of 300, 400, 500 members and teaching them martial arts, settling down with my family and focusing on them and just taking care of my own business.”

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