Correia — ‘I Hope Rousey Doesn’t Resort to Drugs After I Beat Her!’

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Bethe Correia is looking to make this fight with Ronda Rousey personal, and she may be pressing all the right buttons to do so. While Rousey claims this fight is already personal due to the fact that Correia beat on her friends to get to her, this will likely light a fire under the seat of the champion.

MMAFighting recently spoke with the UFC Bantamweight Championship challenger and she had some choice words for the champion. “She wants to be a Hollywood star, she’s just wasting her time with MMA,” Correia stated. “I have more Octagon time, I have thrown more punches and fought more rounds than her in the UFC. I have more experience than her. She should shut her mouth and respect me. Ronda hasn’t proved to be a MMA fighter. I am a real MMA fighter.

While it is a fact that Correia has spent more time in the octagon compared to Rousey, Rousey has shown mercy with her opponents by submitting them within minutes. However, Rousey recently stated she will show no mercy for Correia and she intends to punish her for more than a round.

Correia responded, “She’s saying she won’t be merciful with me. Don’t worry, I won’t be merciful either. But that means I’ll fight differently. I always fight showing my entire MMA game, and this time I will just knock her out quickly. Go back home, do your little movies. I’ll do her a favor and knock her out fast. That’s a promise I make to the Brazilian people.”

In her book, “My Fight/Your Fight”, Rousey admitted to falling victim to pill habits after losing at the Olympics. Correia made things even more personal when she said, “I just hope she can handle this loss better than her last one and don’t do drugs again.

Correia continued, “I hope she can handle losing the title. That’s my only advice for her. Learn how to lose and don’t do drugs again. Your loss is coming. It’s August 1st in Brazil. You have no idea how tough I am.”

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