Lombard Talks PED Suspension: ‘It Made Me Cry, I Felt I Lost Everything’

HEctor Lombard

Hector Lombard was riding a two fight winning streak walking into his last bout against Josh Burkman at UFC 182 in January. Lombard won the fight by way of unanimous decision and there were talks of him facing a top contender, but his path to gold was cut short when he was popped for steroids.

Lombard’s last victory was overturned to a no contest and he is currently serving a year long suspension. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Lombard confessed that he now knows what he did was wrong. “I felt that I lost everything in one go,” Lombard said. “You know, I was stupid. I shouldn’t have listened to anyone. And it’s funny ’cause Joe Rogan make a comment about like “oh you know that pill has been around forever. Like how come he, you know wanted to go around the system” or “he wanted to beat the system”. I didn’t wanna beat no system. I mean I thought that pill was to make me feel better and obviously it didn’t. But I will prove once again that there is Hector here for a long time.”

Lombard was hoping for a big future after his win with Burkman. There were talks of him possibly facing Rory MacDonald, but the failed drug test put a stop to that. More than anything, Lombard is most upset that he will not be fighting in front of his Australian fans in Melbourne, Australia at UFC 193.

“It made me cry sometimes, but it is what it is. I mean, I believe that everything happens for a reason. It’s like you say, what if I would’ve the same thing that happened to me would’ve happened two or three months after? I would be gone. I know I’m gonna get back. I know that I’m gonna be fighting soon and I’m gonna be winning, but what devastates me the most is I wanted to fight so bad on the Melbourne card and all that is gone.”

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