Lombard Explains His Beef With Barnett, And It Started With A Broken Nose

Hector Lombard


UFC welterweight Hector Lombard talks about his beef with Josh Barnett and why he’s been calling the UFC heavyweight out.

On an episode of Submission Radio Lombard went into detail about why the two men have issues with each other. Apparently it had something to do with a broken nose.

“I’ve actually been calling Josh Barnett out so we can have a fight at Metamoris.”

“What happened was very simple I’ve been telling him and I told him that I’d call him out after the fight – after one of my Bellator fights – in front of everybody. And then he went backstage and he was like ‘Oh why did you call me out? I call you outside and I call you now.’

“What happened is, I came to train with Erik Paulsen and a bunch of guys down there and he wanted me to suck up to him a bit. Which is something that I don’t do. He wanted me to be a ‘suck up’ and come to him, always come and be submissive to him and all that. I mean at the end of the day, he’s a man and I’m a man and he breaths and I breath, and you know. For me, I don’t believe that anyone is better than anyone. For me, we are all the same. Whether you have more success at one thing or the other, at the end of the day we are people. So that was something that I didn’t do. So from that day on he didn’t like my approach to him because I wasn’t submissive enough and I was just kind of treating him normal.

“And we started sparring, and you know time started going by. 50 minutes, 55 minutes. We sparred for about almost an hour, and I was beating him up and he was bleeding all over the mat, and he saw me that I didn’t quit, and I started hitting hard and he kind of like left. He left the gym. And it’s funny because Erik Paulson was cleaning, he was cleaning the whole gym. Blood everywhere, broken nose, whatever. After that he started hating me even more.”

Hmm, would you guys want to see these two meet in Metamoris? Barnett is the champ and it would be a good story to build up the match.


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