Lombard Claims: ‘I Was Stupid About Head Trauma’

Hector Lombard


UFC welterweight Hector Lombard isn’t competing in the UFC right now, due to a one year suspension due to a failed drug test.

Lombard has still been active in the sport, doing plenty of interviews. In a recent interview with Submission Radio, the welterweight talked extensively about head trauma, in particularly his own experience with it. He says he used to not care and would spar with guys way bigger than him.

Now he’s smarter and chooses not spar with those huge guys and tries to avoid being hit.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m trying to hit and not be hit. I was being stupid before. Like, five or four years ago I would go toe to toe and start sparring with heavyweights and try to beat each other up in sparring. But I have to be a bit smart, because you can [only] take so much. But before I was like a bit stupid. I would spar anybody, any heavyweight. I would spar Kickboxers, anyone. I used to spar with ‘Carnage’ [Nathan Corbette], I would spar with Mark Hunt. I would spar with anybody.

“I would spar with anyone. And now I become a bit smarter. I don’t want to spar with none of these heavy guys, you know? They definitely would end your career quick.”

What are your thoughts on the subject, do you think fighters should lower their amount of sparring?

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