Linker Explains Why He Rubbed His Belly During McCall Fight

McCall v Lineker

Last night during the preliminary card of UFC 183, Ian McCall lost via to John Lineker via decision.

What caught the eye of many fans however was when Lineker chose to smile, laugh, and rub his belly during the 3rd round, after missing weight the previous day by 5 pounds.

He explained his belly-rub at the post-fight press conference through a translator.

“Well, I’m sorry about that. Maybe people didn’t know, but but he posted on Twitter a fat baby with my face on it, and I just kind of wanted to get back at him.”

“I had some difficulty with the weight cut, and it’s something I haven’t figured out. I’m going to go up to 135, and I’m going to make noise there. I’m going to go for the title there.”

Following Lineker’s failure to make weight, UFC President Dana White said he would have to move up to bantamweight to continue fighting for the UFC.

Lineker is referring to this picture by McCall.

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