Lineker Says McCall Doesn’t Fight, Plays Hide-And-Seek

“Congratulations to Ian on his win over Brad Pickett. But I’m not sure if I was watching a fight or a game of touch with the way Ian was running around away from Pickett.

“I have no problem at all with fighting McCall if that’s what the UFC wants to happen. But I would ask my manager to suggest the UFC create a new rule, deducting a point for every so many yards run inside the ring. I want to fight, not play hide-and-seek.”

In a statement to’s John Morgan, top UFC flyweight John Lineker expressed his disinterest with the fighting style of Ian McCall.

The two sit at the top of the division, are both coming off important wins this past week, and are expected to fight for a chance at Demetrious Johnson’s UFC world title.



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