Leites: ‘Jose Aldo is 200% Ready for Conor McGregor’

Conor McGregor, Jose Aldo

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Jose Aldo will finally be stepping into the octagon to defend his UFC Featherweight Championship against Conor McGregor at UFC 189 next month. The “World Tour” was extremely successful and garnered interest from mainstream media outlets, but now it’s time for the two to train and get ready for the fight.

Thales Leites, Aldo’s training partner, says that Aldo is looking amazing leading up to his defense.

“Yeah he looks excellent, excellent,” Leites explained to Submission Radio. “Like all the time he looks excellent, and physically and mentally. His mental game is too strong,” Leites said of Aldo.

It’s a good thing his mental game is strong; McGregor has been attempting to play mind games with Aldo ever since the “World Tour” started. Even in recent interviews, McGregor his continued his verbal assault on the champion.

“It’s unbelievable seeing how he’s confident about himself every time. Doesn’t matter what situation he is in during in training, he is always confident. You know, his fight style, everybody knows it, but his game plan is awesome. It’s absolutely awesome.”

The fight has been touted as “What Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Should Have Been” and should be the biggest selling pay-per-view of the year for the UFC. Leites has been watching Aldo train, and believes that his gameplan will make for an exciting match.

“Yeah, this fight will be amazing. We will see. Aldo, he’s ready for everything. Like I said, his mental game is perfect, and his strength, you know he looks physically very well. He’s 100 percent and he will be 200 percent during the fight. You will see. Aldo will be on fire there.”

Aldo may be on fire, but McGregor is on a rocket ship to the top of the MMA world. McGregor may have two losses to his name, but he has been undefeated since his octagon debut in 2013. He has finished four of his five UFC opponents, but Aldo is no slouch either.

Jose Aldo will be defending his championship for the eighth time against McGregor at UFC 189. Chad Mendes, Kenny Florian, and Frankie Edgar are just a couple of the names Aldo has dominated in order to stay at the top of his division.

Who will walk out of the octagon with the gold after UFC 189 is done? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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