Lauzon Wants On CM Punk’s Card

Joe Lauzon

UFC Open Workouts

Anyone would be a fool to not want to fight on that card. When Brock Lesnar first came, he was a huge draw. Then he goes out there and wins the freakin’ title. Do I think CM Punk is going to go out there and win the title? Probably not. He’s not even exactly sure what weight class he’s going to be in. So I don’t think he has everything as figured out as he would like, but I would love to be on that card.”

“CM Punk is going to bring a lot of eyeballs to that fight, to that event and that’s good for everyone. That’s good for the UFC, that’s good for FOX, that’s good for every other fighter that’s on that card and it’s great for whoever he’s fighting.”

In a recent interview with MMA Sucka, fan favorite lightweight Joe Lauzon talked about the impact CM Punk will have on the sport when he starts fighting.


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