Lauzon On Reebok Deal: “As Time Goes On They’ll Fix It”

Joe Lauzon

Joe Lauzon

While the UFC-Reebok uniform deal is not being enforced just yet, that hasn’t stopped fighters and fans from discussing the finer points of the deal, mainly, how fighters will be paid.

Under the new Reebok deal, fighters will be paid based on their ranking, with the champion making the most money, and the fighters ranked in the top 10 of that division below him getting paid a certain amount, dependent on their ranking, with unranked fighters getting a base pay.

Lauzon, who is an 18 fight UFC veteran, and holds the record for most post-fight awards, will now be paid the same amount under the UFC-Reebok deal, that a fighter on his first UFC fight would make.

He explains:

“Joe Proctor trains at my gym. He was on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ had a couple of (UFC) fights. He’s technically unranked; I’m unranked. But I make a lot more sponsors than he does.”

“Looking at the new system, we’re going to be on the exact same page, which is pretty crappy, but I think as time goes on, they’ll fix it,”

“They’re telling us that they’re going to give us some kind of numbers, or we’ll have some kind of distinction, in May. So that will be when you can say this is good, and this is bad, and anything could change at the drop of a hat.”

– via MMAJunkie