Lashley On Reebok Deal — ‘Fighters need to stand up for themselves’

Bobby Lashley TNA Impact



“I understand business to a certain point, but I think at the same time, with this the fighters are going to have to kinda stand up for themselves. I understand everybody wants to say, ‘The UFC this and that,’ but I think at this point in time they’ve gotta form some type of union to keep these things from happening. It’s one of those things, I mean it’s a double edged sword. You get an opportunity in the UFC, they’re gonna pay you a little bit more, but at the same time there are regulations and restrictions. So, I know some of the guys are kind of begging for [a union] or hoping for it, but it’s not gonna happen until everybody sticks together, kinda comes together and says, ‘Hey, we need to make something happen.'”

Bellator MMA’s Bobby Lashley talked to BloodyElbow about the UFC’s Reebok deal and why he feels like now is the time for everyone to form a fighter union.

Do you think a fighter union is the answer to the problem?

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