King Mo Warns: ‘If I see Bjorn Rebney I’m putting hands on him’

“I personally think [Bjorn Rebney’s] a bitch. If I had a chance to see him, I’d put them hands on him.”

“He’s deceptive, fake… He flew me out to that meeting, it was just a bunch of bull, you know what I’m saying? It was a bunch of bulls— he was spitting to me. He’s a liar. He can’t make eye contact with me, dog. He’s a liar… When it came down to it, he’s out of touch with MMA as a whole.

“No one respected him, really. They thought he was a good businessman… But when it came down to it, he was out tune, out of touch with the MMA media, MMA crowd, MMA audience, MMA everything.”

“Everybody in Bellator and Viacom, they’re cool as hell. I’ll bleed for them. But Bjorn is shady. No one got a good vibe from him.”

In a recent interview with’s Luke Thomas, Bellator light-heavyweight, King Mo went off on the recently released Bellator Boss, Bjorn Rebney.


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