King Mo: ‘MMA’s Entertainment, Not A Sport’

King Mo

This topic seems to be up for debate. There are fighters and fans who call MMA a sport and believe that it is so. Then there are those who disagree with that terminology and say MMA is entertainment, not a sport.

Bellator’s ‘King Mo’ Lawal sides with the latter.

He recently spoke with MMAFighting and gave him his thoughts on the matter:

“MMA is entertainment. People don’t get that. ‘Oh, it’s a sport.’ When fans are like, ‘This is a black eye for our sport.’ No, it’s entertainment, playa. You got the game wrong. This is entertainment. We’re here to entertain. It’s entertainment. It ain’t really a true sport just yet. If it’s gonna be a true sport, they gotta do a lot more to make it a true sport.”

“If the [football] game is 3-0, what do y’all say? Defense wins games. Basketball in a low-scoring game, man that’s great defense. The Spurs, great team. Ravens, great team. Defensive team. It doesn’t have to be a blowout, if it’s a high-scoring game, oh we’re entertained. That’s crazy. But the defense of these teams suck. That’s what y’all say. MMA, if I’m 30-0 and I got 29 decisions, what are people gonna say about me? That I’m boring. ‘Oh, Mo just lays and prays. Mo did this. Boo!’ And guess what’s gonna happen? If they start booing me because I fight a certain way, this is what’s gonna happen: I might get cut if I lose and I won’t headline nothing. In true sports, all that matters is the result.”

King Mo will fight this Saturday at ¬†Bellator’s ‘Dynamite’ event. He will be apart of the four-man, one-night light heavyweight tournament, which will determine the next title challenger. With the current champ, Liam McGeary fighting Tito Ortiz in the night’s main event, we will know for sure what the next title fight will be after the night is over.

What do you think about Mo’s thoughts, is MMA a sport or entertainment?

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