King Mo: “MMA is not a true sport like football and basketball”

King MO

Top ranked Bellator MMA light heavyweight Mohammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal is one to never shy away from speaking what he believes.

So when he was asked by Submission Radio as to what his thoughts are regarding a rivalry between the UFC and Bellator, King Mo said what he believes.

“As far as rivalries go, at Bellator we ain’t got no rivalries. We just worry about what we gotta do to entertain the people and entertain the fans and getting people watching us. Everybody wants to make it ‘the UFC verse everybody’. No, the UFC does their thing, Bellator does their thing. If that’s the case, I guess the NBA and the NFL have a big rivalry. No, NFL does their thing, NBA does their thing. It’s just people want to make a rivalry about something.”

“MMA is not a true sport like football and basketball. With football and basketball – even rugby and all those other sports – they have feeder programs where they weed out the weak. So eventually the best gets to the top league. The UFC, they can sign whoever they want. They can sign a guy – and even Bellator – In MMA, any organization can sign anybody that warrants the hype. I can get a bum, let him fight crocodiles lizards and snakes and then put it on YouTube, have him fight MMA fights, have him win against five bums and guess what? Throw up the hype off the YouTube videos and Instagram, and next thing you know he might get signed by a big organization, off the hype.”

“In football, rugby, soccer, basketball, baseball, hype doesn’t mean nothing. What happens, are the results of your numbers, the stats. Performance is what means something. In MMA it’s about performance and it’s about hype; how you win. You know how you win is what matters and where you go. In real sports, if you just win, it can be a 1 point victory every time, as long as you’re winning, that’s all that matters.”

The topic of large MMA promotions such as the UFC, Bellator, and World Series of Fighting, having amateur level events to find rising talent and eventually sign them to the promotion has been widely discussed in the past with fans being in favor, and strongly against the feeder promotions.

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